Wish you all a Happy and Grace-filled 2018!


The Holy Father assures us that we have done well by beginning the year under the
protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

“On the first page of the calendar of the new year that the Lord gives us, the Church poses,
as a stupendous miniature, the liturgical solemnity of Mary Most Holy Mother of God. On this
first day of the solar year, we fix our gaze on her, for resuming, under her maternal
protection, the path along the paths of time… The Virgin makes us understand how to
accept the Christmas event: not superficially but in the heart. It shows us the true way of
receiving God’s gift: to keep it in the heart and meditate on it. It is an invitation addressed
to each of us to pray contemplating and tasting this gift that is Jesus himself.”
In imitation of our Blessed Mother, let us face the New Year with the determination to
ponder on the mysteries of our day-to- day lives in order to discover the grace of Jesus
sustaining us and guiding us!

Fr. Aniceto PEREIRA